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What our awesome Pittsburgh clients are
saying about Hardpoint Training


Denise J.

Discipline, skill, and confidence are words that describe the attributes that Hutch promotes in the firearms instruction he offers as part of Hardpoint Training.
I highly recommend the “inclusive” approach that Hardpoint Training uses in every instruction. I began working with Hutch as a new shooter and have been impressed with how each lesson becomes integrated in a defensive strategy for knowing how to use my firearm in situations that could realistically arise. Handgun fundamentals, accuracy of fire, movement, safety, and problem solving are skills addressed.  Hutch is very professional and creates a positive learning environment for firearms training that allows you to work at a comfortable pace, yet always challenging you to move forward within your personal capabilities.


Rafael G. Ramos-Jimenez

I met Hutch at a local range.
At the time I had been going to the range and shooting a handgun for 6 months, so obviously I thought I was John Wick. Hutch politely offered some advice and my pairings immediately improved, this made me ask some more questions, and eventually led to me signing up for one on one lessons
with him.


In 5-10 one hour sessions Hutch completely changed my shooting for the better. We progressed from static target practice to moving, and holster practice (concealed appendix carry).
If you want to learn how to draw safely and shoot accurately, talk to Hutch. If you want to keep believing you're John Wick don't talk to Hutch.  


Steve G.

Hutch and I immediately connected as we are both Marines and have a passion for crayons, firearms and firearms training. Hutch is a pleasure to work with. He is methodical yet focused on us adapting to the ever-changing situations that occur in the real world. He is incredibly patient and creates a good learning environment with first time firearms owners to advanced shooters.    


Instructor Hutch and Hardpoint Training has my recommendation to get you proficient and confident with whatever type
of firearms training you are looking for.


Chris F.

Everyone's journey with training is different. My own journey started with a few sessions and has now been a fews years with Instructor Hutch. Hutch is incredibly versatile and practical as an instructor and has been instrumental in my development as a shooter, building my awareness/skillset
as a CCW holder and recently
as a 3-gun competitor. 


Regardless of your motivation and genre, I can't think of a better resource than Instructor Hutch
and Hardpoint Training to bring you to your next level of
firearms proficiency.

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