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Everyday Carrier (E.D.C)

Begin developing the confidence for an "Everyday Carry" lifestyle.

  • 4 hr
  • Contact for Pricing
  • Client's home or range

Service Description

“Everyday Carrier” is a class designed for the student looking to be able to Everyday Carry confidently. For this class, shooters should be confident in the safety/handling of their firearm, their fundamentals, and ability to hit what they are shooting at consistently. This class covers a variety of topics such as situational awareness, plans for violence, and the effects of adrenaline during high stress encounters. The second half of the class covers “fighting with the gun". Everything from getting the gun out of the holster, movement, cover/concealment, after action, and what to do in the aftermath of any incident. This class is ultimately designed to help the everyday citizen be confident in their ability to carry a firearm daily for self-defense.

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